Day One, Strike One for Premier Redford

CALGARY, AB (October 2, 2011): Wildrose House Leader Rob Anderson said Premier-designate Alison Redford’s decision to shut down debate in the Legislature shows that all the talk about change was just that…talk.

At a press conference today, Redford said she will cancel the planned fall sitting of the Legislature, scheduled to begin Oct. 25.

“Ms. Redford claims she is all about change, but within 12 hours of being crowned Premier, she announces she is shutting down the Legislature for nine months so she can avoid facing the opposition in the people’s democratically elected House,” Anderson said. “It was bad enough that she and her Cabinet colleagues voted themselves a big pay raise, now she and her caucus colleagues aren’t  even going to bother to show up for work for nine months.”

Anderson also called for a specific date for the next election and a commitment to call and complete a public inquiry into the intimidation of health workers prior to that election date. Redford refused today to do either.

“The Wildrose is ready to have a debate on ideas and the future of this province – why isn’t she? The new Premier needs to get back to work and face the people’s representatives,” Anderson said. “If this is the change we can expect from her, perhaps she should call an election right now and let Albertans decide if it is the change they actually want.”

The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.